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This section was created for users of digital SLRs to help them get the most out of their amazing photographic tools. Whether you're shooting Canon, Nikon, or any other brand, we've got great tips and tutorials for you. Now, you may notice that some of these tips are the same as in the point and shoot camera section; that's because no matter what kind of tool you have for photography, the basic concepts and principles are still the same! Anyway, scroll down to see all of the tutorials!

Basic Camera Tips and Tricks - Just a few tips and tricks that will help you on your way to taking better pictures.
Basic Composition Techniques - Sick of the same boring old snapshots? Bring some interest into your photos.
Focal Length - Changing your view of the world. What is it and what are its uses?
Aperture and Shutter Speed Explained - Everyone keeps talking about watching your aperture and shutter speed! What the heck are they?
Sharp Subject, Blurry Background - Get those cool blurry backgrounds that you see in professional photographs.
Organizing Your Photos - I'm sure many of you know how frustrating it is to find a single picture on your hard drive, especially if you take a lot of photos. Well, the solution is right here. Check it out!
What the Heck is White Balance? - All light is not created equal. A camera doesn't see what your eye sees. Check out this article to see why this matters.
ISO Explained - What is ISO, why it matters, and what you can do with it.

When to Use Your Flash - Learn how and why you should use your flash outdoors and when to turn off your flash indoors.
Using Your Macro Mode - Zoom in on your world; get up close to bugs, flowers, and whatever else is out there!
Preventing Blurry Pictures - Some techniques on how to hold your camera steady in those low-light situations.
Shooting Night Scenes - Learn what you need to know for shooting all of those really spectacular night shots.
What are those Funny Numbers by My Lens? - 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6, Φ58mm? Find out what it all means!
Using Your Histogram - The histogram is one of the most useful and misunderstood tools of digital photography. Learn how to use it to your advantage.
Glossary of Camera Terms - Understand those technical terms! Focal length? AF, USM, SLR, IS, VR?

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