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One of the biggest and most often overlooked steps in photography is post processing. This can improve the quality of your image a hundredfold. A lot of times, it's even just that minor adjustment that can really make a photo. Other times, you might need more than just a minor adjustment to get that look that you want. Of course, some of you might scream blody murder at the thought of modifying a photo, but for the rest of you who like to have pictures that look good, read on. This section is split into two parts: editing your photos in Adobe Photoshop, and editing your photos with Google's Free Picasa software (what is it? Picasa Explained).


Picasa: Information & Free Download - What is Picasa and where can I get it? Check it out right here!
Quick Modifications - Picasa makes your pictures look better with the touch of a button and keeps the original files saved.
More Advanced Modifications - Let your creativity shine with Picasa's easy advanced photo manupulation tools.


The Making of a Model - Photoshop away those imperfections!
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images - How to create stunning HDR images.

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